Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Mix of Emotions

Its strange how riding in the jam-packed mini-buses with blaring American pop music remixed with an awful reggae beat bring out some of my best thoughts and inspirations. I always wish I had my computer on the bus to whip out and write my thoughts down - but alas, thats culturally inappropriate and there's ZERO room to move, so duh, dumb idea.

I've got 9 days left here in the wonderful country of Fiji and I'm feeling bittersweet emotions. I'm SO excited to return to America and see my supportive family and friends - I think about it everyday in the downtimes we have here. I'm excited to start Radiology School in 13 days - holy crap - 13 days?! Eh, sega na leqa (no worries)!

On my bus ride today, I thought of some things that I'm going to have to get used to when I get back to the states...
  • Driving on the right side of the road with the driver sitting on the left side of the car
  • A variety in my food choices other than Top Ramen and PB & J for every other meal
  • Ice
  • Carpet
  • The convenience of having a car, cell phone and wireless internet
  • Minimal mosquito bites! I'm getting eaten alive!!!
  • Not being stared at because of my skin color
  • Having a wide assortment of clean clothes to wear
  • Getting used to doing my hair and makeup every day, not to mention getting used to seeing myself with bangs again...

Tonight I took a 5 hour bus ride back from Suva where I blew my last 2 vacation days and $400 FJD on zip-lining through the jungle, swimming under an incredible waterfall, taking a scenic boat ride on the Navua river, and blowing a big chunk of that money on souvineers and travel. It was such a fun trip and so worth every penny.

However, as I was leaving Suva, it hit me that I'll probably never come back to Fiji. Realistically, I'll never have the time or money to come here for as long as I've been here and this breaks my heart. I love Fiji - SO much. This culture is so unique and loving that I'm trying to capture everything I can about it. I'm going to miss the people here and their friendly "Bula!"'s on the street as we pass. I hate knowing that I'm leaving this place indefinitely - sure, I could come back when I've got some money but I think I'd want to visit somewhere new, go somewhere else in the world. There will always be a place in my heart for Fiji.

As a taxi driver told me today in Suva when talking about the size of Utah in comparison to Fiji, "Fiji is like a peanut in the world". Yes Mr. taxi driver, Fiji is a peanut and a special one at that. ;)

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