Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Love My Life!

This picture says it all!

This past Monday we had the day off because we worked on Saturday doing the Walk-A-Thon for the Ba Special School. So I had Monday off to go play.. and play I did! Carlee, Taylor and I got up early Monday morning and headed off to Nadi to meet up with Adam and head off on our day cruise to South Sea Island.

For only $50 American, we were able to take a yacht out to this TINY island, get fed like kings and do various things on and around the island.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by a small island band and then we were fed a buffet lunch with unlimited drinks the whole day. When you're fed rice, curry and fried everything for 7 weeks, any chance you get to eat anything else is like heaven on earth. So we wolfed down our delicious lunch with ample meat and wished for more!
We were treated with a Fijian Meke dance and some of that wonderful Fijian singing and harmonies - I loved every second of it.

Yes, I took a picture of the food....

Then we went exploring around the island - yes it took us only us 10 minutes to walk around it - and just took in the beauty of it!

Then we headed on a small boat that took us out to the submarine where we rode around and looked at the coral and marine life outside our windows! I'm glad this ride was a short one because I was getting pretty sea sick on the choppy water…

Then we had tea time but for us Mormons, cookie time! Then we went snorkeling and of course, I got fins that were too big so I snorkeled without fins - it was double the workout. The water was really choppy and the sun wasn't out so we couldn't see the marine life very well but we still got to see some things and just enjoyed being in the warmth of the Fiji water - it was warmer than our showers here in Ba hahaha - how sad. We only snorkeled for a short while and then headed back and just relaxed in the hammocks set up throughout the trees, hung out in the pool, and enjoyed our endless supply of sodas!

We attempted to play beach volleyball but the ball was crappy, the wind was strong and our skills were lacking so we all looked like a bunch of idiots trying our hardest to hit the ball over the net while the wind caught it and sent it in another direction having the ball fall just short of the net. hahaha. We felt SO white. People could see how bad we were and jumped in to play. Granted they were 2 7 year old boys from New Zealand and Australia. haha! Then we had an older Asian couple jump in and we had quite the diverse team, yet we still sucked. hahaha.

By now the sun was setting and it was breathtaking! Fiji sunsets are simply works of art. We had to leave the island at this time and we were so sad to leave it behind. All that we did was included in the price and it was SO worth it - I highly recommend it if you come to Fiji!

We headed back to Port Denarau and decided to have dinner at Lulu's right on the water. We had a delicious beef burger and fries that we all devoured - were not deprived at ALL. hahaha. I got surprised when the waitresses came out singing "Happy Birthday" and bringing a hefty slice of chocolate cake my way. Such a fun surprise and I thank Adam, Carlee and Taylor for setting that up!

Top that off with a hot shower at Adam's hotel in Nadi and the best nights sleep since arriving in Fiji because I was on an actual bed and it was a fantastic vacation day.

Happy Birthday to me, from the Fiji Islands!

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