Monday, July 25, 2011

Room to BREATHE!

Welcome to Ba, Fiji - my hometown for the past 6 weeks. :)

Welcome to my house in Namasau, Lot 5, Caleb Crescent. Its the pink flat on the bottom.

Today was a glorious day.... we deep cleaned/de-cluttered the house. I was in heaven. We spent the morning taking down some bunk beds, changing sleeping arrangements, and throwing away crap that has sat in this house for the past 3 months...

Check out the clutter and bunk beds in the front room in the pic above.. I guess you could say we've been "cramped for space"...

We took down those 2 bunk beds in the sitting room b/c we only have 14 people in the house now - its such a difference! And we hung our "HELP INternational" banner that I made for the Tavua Carnival! It's officially the HELP house!

Above is Ian and I cleaning out the freezer - I dont think that thing had ever been defrosted...a few good inches of thick ice...its clean now! Our landlady was so pleased with our work and so are we - everyone enjoys being at home now which is always a plus. :)

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  1. I love the pictures. I had to show Bry the before and after pics. Wow your place looks amazing now. Get ready for a big birthday weekend!!!!